Cassie gave birth to our daughter Lauren Alexandra MacDonald at 1:18am, Wed. the 6th of March, 2002.  Cassie went into labor at around 9:30pm on Tues. March 5th with really bad back labor.   Lauren weighed 7lbs 2ozs (I guessed that exactly!), and was 19 3/4 inches long (I guessed 20 inches, Cassie guessed 21 inches).  She came into the world very pink and alert (9.9 on the APGAR scale).  She was delivered Cesaerian as she was breach.  She had about an inch of hair (brown) and full eyelashes and eyebrows.  All parts appear to be where they should be and Mom and Dad couldn't be happier. 



Click Pictures below to enlarge.

Dad (1 Day Old)

Mom (2 months old)

Daughter Lauren (Almost 3 weeks)

First (sonogram) pictures of our baby.



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