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So, you want to know more about me huh?  You must be bored out of your mind to want to read  this.  Well I guess I have to say something entertaining to keep you interested so here goes nothing! 

I was born 12/8/67 in Sacramento, California.  That makes me a Sagittarius for those who follow the Zodiac. 

Height:  6feet 5inches 
Weight:  235 
Eyes:  Green 
Hair:  Brown 


Color:  Was green before I lost some of my color vision.   
Movie:  The Matrix 
Place:  Anywhere "natural" (i.e. Mountains, Coast, etc.) 
Food:  Vegetable Pad Thai
Book:  Do Robots Dream of Electric Sleep? 
Sport:  Rugby
Artist:  Maxfield Parrish 
Drink: Green Tea


Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing, Climbing, Lap Swimming, Photography, Astronomy, Computers (duh!), Geo-Caching, Mad Scientist

I have one sister who is 2 years younger than I am.  Her name is Missy.  My Dad's name is Wayne and my Mom's name is Lynda.  My parents and my sister are currently living in Roseville, Ca.  Missy has a daughter named Zoe, and a son named Zane.

I lived in Fair Oaks (which is a suburb of Sacramento) until I was 6 years old.  My family then moved to Oakdale, California.  Oakdale is a small (population was around 8,000 people when we lived there) farming community about 15 miles East of Modesto.  I grew up in a town with little crime and very little pollution (unless you count the smell of Hershey chocolate from the plant that was just south of town).  I was involved in Science Fair's, sports, and the occasional dirt clod fight while in grade school.  While attending Oakdale High School, I was involved in Basketball and Swim Team.   

I continued on  to Modesto Junior College where I majored in Physical Sciences.  I also played on the water polo team while there.  I went on to Sierra Junior College where I received my AS in Physical Sciences.  I continued on to Humboldt State.  There I was a Geology major.  I played on the rugby team (beer) and was a member of the geology club (More beer.  Hey, you would drink too if all you did was look at rocks!).  I received my BA in Liberal Studies (emphasis in Physical Sciences) in the Spring of ’92 at Fresno State

I then went to Butte Fire Academy near Chico, California.  I finished there,  and attempted to become a firefighter.  Finding that I was too white and male for the job, I got a job with a medical supply company as a warehouse manager and trade show rep. 

Feeling like I had no "real" marketable skills and feeling a duty to serve my country, I joined the Navy.  I was married to my wife Cassie who hails from Loomis, Ca. on December 23, 1995.  I was honorably discharged from my 4 years as an Intelligence Specialist Petty Officer Second Class stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida in October 1998.

We moved back to Sacramento, Ca. (funny how things come full circle!) After being discharged from the Navy (thank God!) I was hired on to work at The Money Store as an NT system administrator.  After working there for the good part of 1999, I was hired on at Hewlett-Packard.  My wife and I bought a new home and a Mastiff puppy.

Currently, we are living up in Vancouver, Washington (just north of Portland, OR) and working at Hewlett Packard doing system administration for the inkjet printer division.  My wife and I decided that California just wasn't what it was when we were growing up and decided that we weren't getting any younger and decided to make the move up north.

On March 6, 2002 Cassie gave birth to our daughter Lauren.  She is a beautiful baby girl.

In Nov. 2002, we purchased a new home here in Vancouver.

On January 5 2004, Cassie gave birth to our son Cameron.  He is a very good boy.

That pretty much brings you up to date on the highlights of my life so far.  More to come I am sure.  Now go outside and breathe in the fresh air!!!! 

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